Real Money Slots

Although the betting limits and themes of slots will usually vary, the objective of the game is always the same. Players must get three or more matching symbols on a winning pay line. The more symbols that line up across the reels, the bigger the win! Lots of slots games also come with exciting features like free spins, bonus rounds, bonus multipliers and wild symbols to help players achieve bigger payouts.

The simplicity of these games and the potential they offer to really hit a big win is what lead to their huge popularity at online casinos. Why would have anticipated you could bring so much fun and excitement directly to your home!

How to Play Online Slots

To start playing slot machines at a land-based gambling venue, the player needs to insert a coin/note into the machine, but playing online slots games simply requires the player to click the appropriate button to get the virtual reels spinning. Once the reels stop spinning, the player will either spin nothing and spin again or form a winning combination, which pays out according to the pay table displayed.

Pay Table

Slots payouts change from machine to machine and from symbol to symbol. All online slots games you can play for real money have a pay table listed on the machine or player screen – listing the number of credits you can win for the different winning combinations that can come up, as well as the different winning pay lines. Expect your wins to increase in correlation with the bet amount, because the bigger the bet per spin, the more credits you’re betting.

Multi Line Slots

While the traditional classic single line slot machines still exist in the online casino gaming landscape, these games are dwarfed by the multi-line online slots games you can play. Most online slots games these days allow players to bet on many pay lines, increasing the chances of hitting a winning combination.

Progressive Slots

Quite a few online slots have a progressive jackpot attached to them. The progressive jackpot increases as more and more people play on the machine. Many progressive online slots games are also linked to a number of different machines, which usually provides for larger and faster growing jackpots. It is not uncommon for some progressive slots jackpots to be worth six or seven figures, providing a life-changing win for the lucky online slots player who hits it.

Online Slots Strategy

The opinions on strategy for playing online slots games vary widely, but the simple fact is that every spin on a slot machine is an independent random event; therefore math cannot be applied to help the player make more informed decisions. With that being said, there’s valuable information you should know.

First off, it is important to know that not every online slot has the same payout percentage. The return-to-player percentage (RTP) is not always available, but it refers to how much the machine will pay out over time. If you can’t find the information, the only thing we can recommend is that you get in touch with the customer service team at the casino you’re playing at, to see if they are privy to the information.

For example, if it’s set at 95%, it’s going to pay back 95c for every $1 put into the machine. The online slots games with the highest payout percentages are obviously better for your bankroll in the long run. Many online slots players make the mistake of playing the slots games with the most appealing themes and visuals, instead of playing the machines that pay out the most to the player.

It is also important to understand that in the case of progressive online slots, they will only pay the maximum jackpot if the player makes the maximum bet. This is not always true. Just make sure you know how the progressive jackpot is triggered beforehand.

If for whatever reason, you are unsure as to whether you’re ready to play online slots for real money just yet, keep in mind that you can play the majority of online versions of slot machines in free mode. It plays exactly like the real money version – you just don’t need to make a deposit.